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The Oboz Austin Trail Experience: Onion Creek Metropolitan Trail

During the first week of October, I began participating in the Oboz Trail Experience in Austin! This is an “experience” that Oboz puts together in a variety of cities for people to discover new trails and enjoy nature right in their areas. The challenge is to hike 100-miles of trails in a month while unlocking free prizes as you complete the promoted trails.

I love the Oboz brand. Not just because they crafted my first pair of hiking boots but because of their commitment to protecting the environment and staying true to the trail. If you’d like to participate or learn more about this experience, visit the website! Let’s dive into my experience at the first trail I completed for the ObozTrailX in Austin.

Onion Creek Metropolitan Trail in South Austin

Under the Austin Parks and Rec department, Onion Creek Metropolitan Park is a 555-acre regional park with Onion Creek flowing right through it. I hiked the 3.62-mile loop trail that starts in the wooded area to the left of the trail information board. This was my first time here and I would say it’s a hidden gem in the neighborhood for sure!

I always go to McKinney Falls State Park so I’ve overlooked other parks that could give me some more diverse views and trails. Unlike the state park, these trails are natural and offer more elevation changes. The trail also runs deep within the area making you feel like you are no longer within the city or even at a local park.

You must cross the creek twice when doing the loop trail, so I recommend wearing some shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. The views from the creek are so beautiful with the water flowing with life splitting the trail in half.

I saw several exciting things along my hike, such as:

  • Coming across horses that belong to a local ranch in the area

  • A ton of milkweed plants that the butterflies were fluttering around

  • Dogs splashing through the water having fun with their owners

  • Natural wildlife like deer and squirrels living out their daily lives

  • And, of course, the creek!

I hiked with my fanny pack and water bottle pretty easily but I do recommend using a GPS tracker, like AllTrails, to track your walk for the first time to make sure you stay on route. I almost accidentally trespassed onto the Lone Star Ranch without realizing I veered way off the trail.

Staying on Track

As I complete my hikes for the Oboz Trail Experience, I will continue writing about what I encounter on my treks and all of the new trails I discover within the city that I never knew existed! Even if I don’t complete the 100-miles of trails, I will be happy with whatever I finish.

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