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What is Roam the Outer Space?

Hi there,

My name is Victoria and I'm currently living in Austin, TX. Roam the Outer Space is an adventure blog I wanted to create to push myself to explore more. I started 2020 intending to travel to new places, get more serious about hiking, and meet more people who share my interests around the Austin area.

I went to REI, got fitted for a hiking backpack and boots, and I was ready to go!

Coronavirus threw a wrench in my plans to no surprise, and I was left watching videos of people going on hikes, fishing, camping, kayaking, etc. My backpack and boots were left in my closet, collecting dust.

Once parks opened back up, I took action immediately. I bought a kayak, a year pass to Texas Parks and Wildlife, and went on my way.

Now I'm here. Wanting to share my thoughts and what I've learned while roaming the outer spaces of nature, all while meeting new people and inspiring others to get outdoors.​

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