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[Vlog] Camping, Canoeing, and Hiking at Caddo Lake State Park

There they were; as we drove into the park, the bald cypress trees at Caddo Lake State Park were standing tall out of the water. The gray moss hung gently off the branches, making it look like it had just snowed.

Caddo Lake SP is a beautiful place to spend the weekend by yourself, with friends or family. We camped for two nights at sheltered campsite number 16. We spent our time hammocking, hiking, canoeing, and relaxing among the pine trees keeping warm in front of the fire.

Join us on our adventure by watching the video recap!

Activities to Do at the Park

Water or land activities? Both? At Caddo Lake, you can enjoy the trails, take a paddle in the water, or fish off of the pier. Check out how you can plan your visit here.

You can also participate in park events which happen monthly!

In the Area

Other State Parks

If you want to extend your trip, you could also cross these parks off your list, which are close to Caddo Lake SP.

Places to Eat

I can recommend one place we went to in the area, Big Pines Lodge, located about 5 minutes outside of the park.

Places to Gather Food and Such

If you’re looking for a place to buy some food for your camp meals, there is a Kroger about 20 minutes outside of the park where you can make a quick pit stop at.

That’s a Wrap

Caddo Lake State Park is not a place you should let slip off your list of places to go in Texas. Whether you are a Texan or from out-of-state, you will have a blast here.

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