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Visiting Sea Rim State Park in Port Authur, TX

My mom, sister, and I left a little later in the afternoon on a Saturday in March. It was a crispy cool day, and we gathered up all of the fishing gear, beach chairs, and snacks that we could before heading east. To stock up on some snacks and equipment we needed, we had to stop at Buc-ee's in Baytown – it's illegal not to! Then we drove towards Port Authur, TX, which was almost a 1.5-hour drive. On the side of the road, we passed by some beautiful grasslands, forests, and swamps that I'll need to come back to one day. It's so beautiful how the environment blends with the coast when you move farther out east towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Once we made it into Sabine Pass, we stopped by this small corner store called Sportsman Supply to get some bait. I recommend stopping here if you need any snacks, drinks, or beach supplies before entering the park. After gathering our shrimp and squid, we checked into Sea Rim State Park and made our way down to the beach.

Although we weren't the only ones there, the beach was quiet and was very well maintained. My sister began fishing right away, and my mom and I walked around the park to read some of the information signs and escape the bugs in our shade tent. Let me tell you; those bugs were no joke! They hurdled towards us when we set up that shade and burrowed their way into our bags. Bring bug spray and keep your bags covered if you don't want these little friends hitching a ride back home with you.

Other than the bugs, we did like how many seashells we were able to find that were complete (and not crushed to pieces). We found tiger eye, angel's wing, and baby conch shells – to name a few. After 2 hours, we headed out before the sun went down, and in the distance, people were setting up their tents on the beach. Major kudos to them because I love camping, but I could never beach camp (maybe I'll try one day).

What's There to Do at Sea Rim State Park?

This over 5.2 miles of Gulf shoreline and 4,000 acres of marshland is a hidden coastal gem at the end of the Texas coastline. And just like the number of shells you'll find on this beach, there is so much to do here solo, with your friends and family! You can:

  • Paddle on one of their trails to see the park from a whole other perspective

  • Fish along the surf or in the sections of marsh

  • Camp or stay at one of their cabins, primitive sites, or campsites with utilities

Quick Tip: Don't miss out on some of these fun activities! You can rent equipment like kayaks, canoes, fishing rods, and more at their headquarters when you enter the park.

Wildlife You'll See at Sea Rim State Park

  • American Alligators

  • River Otter

  • Ghost Crabs

  • Mole Crabs

  • Horned Larks

  • Herons

  • Mink

  • View the complete overview here!

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a more secluded beach that's perfect for a relaxing day of fun, bookmark Sea Rim State Park on your maps! Even if you're there for a few hours, you can walk the beach, paddle, or fish. Driving-wise it's a less stressful experience than going to Galveston beach (trust me). Cheers to discovering new places. Hopefully, Sea Rim State Park is one of your next destinations!

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