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[Video] First Solo Vacation Experience and Visiting Cleburne and Fort Parker State Park

I was craving a vacation to recharge, and August was the time for it. This vacation was my first time going somewhere solo overnight, which was a little nerve-wracking but ended up being one of the best decisions I could make for myself! I decided to stay in Waco, so I was closer to some state parks I wanted to visit – Cleburne and Fort Parker State Park.

Why stay in Waco, TX, instead of making a day trip? As much as I love driving for 2+ hours listening to my music/podcasts and enjoying the Texas highways, it gets exhausting sitting in the car, completing a hike, feeling beat, and having to drive back to Austin in a ridiculous amount of traffic that can double my drive time. I figured, hey, let's stay closer and cut drive time in half. It worked perfectly for me!

Cleburne State Park

What I liked:

  • Well maintained trails

  • I really enjoyed seeing the CCC Spillway

  • The overlook of Cedar Lake

  • Accessibility to the water to kayak, fish, etc.

What I disliked:

  • The faint humming of the Mine right outside of the park

  • The 20+ spider webs I got caught in, haha, but it was okay!

Fort Parker State Park

I was only here for like half an hour, so I don't have a lot to report on for this park, but I got a great first impression! I can't wait to go back one day.

What I liked:

  • Kayak launch point

  • Super quiet park with a lot to offer, such as hiking trails, fishing pier, campgrounds, etc.

My Stay in Waco, TX

I really loved the Airbnb that I stayed in called The Windmill! A quiet, cute, and well-decorated space with a rooftop deck that made relaxing in the evening magical. It's basically a shipping container that transformed into a one-of-a-kind space. If you'd like to book a night there, check out the listing here!

Final Thoughts

Venturing out into the small towns of Texas, taking in the highway views, and finding these state park gems was super special. Doing these solo adventures can feel intimidating at first, but I love the confidence that I draw from each one of them. I encourage you to try something like this out. If you're not comfortable going alone, try it with a friend, family member, partner, or even a pet!

If you could plan a solo road trip, where would you go in or out of state?

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