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Trail Journal: A Day Trip to Lockhart State Park

My friend Grace and I ventured off to Lockhart State Park on the morning of December 5th. It was a humid morning with a bit of rain but we managed to get some decent weather when we made it to the park (thankfully). This is one of the last parks around the Austin area that I had not visited quite yet because I thought it didn’t have much to offer. I was sorely mistaken! We drove in and there were people playing golf, setting up their campsites, fishing along the creek, and hiking the trails.

CCC Check Dam at Lockhart State Park
CCC Check Dam

To start, we crossed the creek near the camping loop (which was one of the most nerve-wracking parts of this experience) to get to the Clear Fork Trail. Why was it nerve-wracking? Well, let's just say there was a ton of fast-flowing water and we had to walk on some slippery surfaces. If you visit, you don't need to cross the creek at this point! I recommend starting this trail at the CCC Check Dam instead.

After we made it across, we walked along this trail and did the Wildrose Loop on our way back to where we started.

Before taking off to eat at Black’s BBQ, we did the Hilltop Trail to make it to the Comanche Loop for the overlook. Sadly, the overlook wasn’t much. During the summer it looks like the trees would cover the view but the steep incline on the way up was a fun challenge.10,000 steps later, we made it back out and drove a few minutes to our lunch spot. Stuffed with BBQ, we browsed through the small shops down the street. I highly recommend exploring the area a bit because there are some nice antique shops, boutiques, and other little restaurants.

I will be back here for a camping trip one day soon! If you are looking for a relaxing spot to camp, golf, fish, or hike, you should add this place to your list.

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