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[Video] Tie Slide and Gorman Falls Trails at Colorado Bend State Park

I've been dying to visit a new state park, and this one is the 13th one I've been to in the past year! Time flies. Colorado Bend State Park was a great place to get in a solo hike before the month ended. The drive from Austin to Bend, TX, took around 2 hours.


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I got the chance to see the river overlook off of the Tie Slide Trail. I branched off from the Gorman Falls trail to the overlook which was only .07 miles in. I then made my way to Gorman Falls in the early afternoon to end my day at the falls. It is such a beautiful geologic formation that is over 70 ft tall and has a very delicate natural structure.

The heat got really intense in the afternoon as I made my way back to the parking lot, so I'm going to save a trip back for the fall. I did start getting some signs of heat exhaustion as I made my way back. I want to stress that if you are doing solo hikes in the summer heat to make sure you go early, take LOTS of water, tell someone where you are going, and take breaks to cool yourself off. Keep yourself safe so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures for a long time.

I hope you like the video recap, and I can't wait to share the next one. Where should I go next? Leave a comment below!

Talk Soon,

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