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Explore the Hamilton Greenbelt Hiking Trail in Lakeway, TX

Hamilton Greenbelt trail

The Hamilton Greenbelt in Lakeway, TX, is a nicely hidden trail system that winds and weaves through the trees and neighborhoods nestled in the city. This greenbelt delivers everything you need for a relaxing morning or evening walk. Let me tell you a little about what makes this public park so beautiful and what you should know before visiting! Follow me.

A Snippet of History: The Hamilton Greenbelt Trail

The Hamilton Greenbelt opened to the public in April of 1990. Jack and Myrtle Hamilton donated this piece of greenbelt, who wanted their whopping $260,000 to go towards maintaining the greenbelt. How nice! Throughout the years, additional land was donated to increase the size of the trail network.

Hamilton Greenbelt lakeway tx

Preparing for Your Hike

Hopefully, you are reading this before taking your car to the park! If so, you are following rule number 1 of Leave No Trace, which is Plan and Prepare. Before going anywhere, even to the grocery store, it is best to figure out what you’ll need so the journey is much more frictionless. When it comes to the outdoors, planning is essential!

Since this hike is not in the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas, you won’t need all 10 essentials. This is what I recommend if you are going on a hike of the Hamilton Greenbelt:

  1. Water Bottle

  2. Sunscreen (especially during the summer)

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Appropriate footwear + clothing

  5. Small first aid kit

  6. Sun hat (optional)

Exploring the Hamilton Greenbelt Trail in Lakeway

When you first arrive at Hamilton Greenbelt I from the Lohmans Crossing Road entrance, you’ll park at the small parking lot and walk up to the trailhead.

Hamilton Greenbelt map

At the start, there is a restroom in case you need a quick restroom break. And then, you should stop at the bulletin board, where you’ll see a Hamilton Greenbelt map, information on the terrain, plants, animals, and rescue markers. Snakes, deer, and other wildlife call this greenbelt home, so be careful and maintain a safe distance from these animals if you come across them.

Trail Conditions

tree along the Hamilton Greenbelt

The trail is approximately 2.7 miles out and back and takes about an hour to complete; mostly gravely and flat with some uneven and rocky sections. It is shaded for about 70% of the hike, which makes it a great park to visit during the hotter months when you need to cool off. There are several developed and primitive trails to explore here. You can choose your own adventure as you make your way through the park!

You can also view this interactive Hamilton Greenbelt map to see all the connecting trails.

What to See on the Hamilton Greenbelt in Lakeway, TX

The best features of this trail are that it runs along the Hurst and Yaupon creeks. At the start of your hike, you’ll hear a water stream whipping against rocks, and as you get closer, you’ll be greeted by a small waterfall structure that you can sit by on a bench. You’ll also be treated to another waterfall at a bridge and a pond with lily pads. To see this, follow the signs for “Sailmaster/Waterfall.”

If you are into bird watching, there is also a bird blind that you can stop by and observe birds living out their lives and interacting with the environment.The Hamilton Greenbelt is also perfect for jogging, running, bird watching, and biking. Or even spending time alone in nature.

The Following Are Prohibited

  • Unleashed pets

  • Fires or fireworks

  • Glass containers

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Damage or removal of plants or animals

  • Loud music, noise, or disorderly conduct

How Long is the Hamilton Greenbelt Open?

  • Daily from Sunrise to Sunset

Lakeway Hiking Trails for the Win

If you are looking for what to do in Lakeway, TX, visit the Hamilton Greenbelt and connect with nature through hiking. Surround yourself with waterfalls, creeks, wildlife, and hill country views along this peaceful trail. Have other suggestions for places to see around Lakeway, TX? Leave a comment!

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