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4 Places to Meet Outdoorsy Friends

Sometimes adventures are best spent with others who share your same passions. People you can sit around the campfire with. Laugh on the trail with. People that motivate and inspire you in the best ways possible. But in this day and age, finding friends can be tough. This is coming from an introvert who has dealt with social anxiety for most of her life (those don’t go hand in hand btw).

I’m here to tell you, introvert or not, it is very possible to meet people you can go on adventures with. You just need to know where to look. Fun fact: I met one of my good friends at an REI camping class and we’ve gone on several hikes together and even went camping.

“The best adventure partner matches your mind more than your ability.” - Joe Lindsey, Outside Magazine, Adventure 101 ISSUE

I’m going to share four ways you can find someone, like yourself, in the outdoors. Let’s get you out there so you can meet your next adventure bestie(s)! And don't forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay up to date with my recent blog posts, outdoorsy articles I enjoy, podcast suggestions, and more.


Meetup is a free platform that is all about helping people, well, meet up. Hence the name. Easily search for groups that are focused on what you’re passionate about – hiking, fishing, mountain biking, backpacking, etc. I think it’s good practice to set personal goals for attending events so you can hold yourself accountable. Attending at least one or so events per month is a great start.

In Austin specifically, I’m a part of Hikes of Titans - Austin, TX and Austin Backpackers.

Facebook Groups

There are so many Facebook groups that are out there. I’m not as active on these because you’s’s questionable. But it's still a great place to connect with others. I have come across so many groups for people of all ages, genders, activities, and more. When joining a group, it’s best practice to make an introductory post. Let others get insight into what you’re all about and share pictures of your favorite hobbies outside.

REI Outdoor Classes + Events

What kind of person would I be without mentioning REI in this at least once. REI outdoor classes have to be one of the main generators of friendships. I have connected with a variety of people in classes for camping, kayaking, and outdoor survival. If there isn’t an REI close to your area, you can always try to travel to some in nearby cities.


Planting flowers or picking up bags of trash can be one of the best ways to bond with people. Stick to finding volunteer opportunities that would attract people you’d like to meet. Check out opportunities at your local parks, state parks, wildlife refuge, or even community gardens.

How to Make the Friends

Now you may be wondering, “Okay, great, but how the hell do I make the friends?!” It starts with a simple “hello, what’s your name” and ends with a “can I get your Instagram or number? Maybe we can meet up sometime for a [insert activity here].” And be mindful that someone needs to make the plans. If not, y’all will each be waiting on one another to make the first move. I have learned to just go for it! Life is too short to miss out on possible friendships and memories.

I invite you to leave a comment on ways you have made friends in the outdoors. Do you have any questions for me? Feel free to DM me on Instagram.

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