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[Video] Longest Solo Hike at Buescher Texas State Park

It was Halloween morning and the carpet felt cold to the touch when I rolled out of bed early in the morning. I knew that the weather outside was the perfect temperature for my hike.

I packed up my blue Osprey day pack, filled up my water bottle, grabbed some of my energy granola balls, and opened the door to the crisp cold air. I drove an hour on the Texas highway, past Bastrop, to get to Smithville, TX.

My eyes were filled with an abundance of warnings and bright orange construction signs as I pulled into the park’s entrance. An indication of the construction going on in the park and my first clue that the lake was closed. After getting greeted by Jean’s big smile at the front office, I drove deeper into the Loblolly pines and found a parking spot.

After hiking 6.52 miles, I felt recharged. Watch my recap video above to come along with me on my full hiking experience!

Buescher State Park Through My Lens

If you haven't paid a visit to Buescher State Park, maybe it's time you do! And if you have been, maybe it's time to go back to the pines.

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Thanks for stopping by! Happy hiking :)


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